why mangroves matter

Why Mangroves Matter

April 23, 2020

Seaside communities and scientists may know why mangroves matter, but do you? These small trees and shrubs found along coasts provide protection, serve as shelter, and many more. Mangroves get in danger of deforestation for the sake of urban development or similar projects. This is why it matters that more people learn of value these plants bring.

why mangroves matterwhy mangroves matter

After knowing why mangroves matter, you should be able to share this information with friends or family who can help. We’ve learned that the livelihood and safety of coastal communities depend on these plant forms. Help them continue living, as well as coastal animals that need shelter.



WEAP 16th National Annual Convention

Ecosystem Technologies International,Inc. at WEAP 16th National Annual Convention

September 12, 2022

Ecosystem Technologies International,Inc. will be at the (WEAP)’s 16th National Annual Convention at the Manila Hotel from September 21 -23. Catch us at Booth number #18. Message us for inquiries!  

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