Our Technologies

These are the (mostly) proprietary technologies we recommend the most based on our experience in successful project installations and operations.

Sequence Bio Reactor (SBR)

For when space is scarce and precious...

The Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) is a remarkable treatment technology in that it deploys its biological process without a need for a separate chamber for each main process step. Instead, the main (secondary) processes take place in the main reactor. Ecosystem made this even better with improvements in its process ability particularly in tropical climates.

Ecosystem’s innovation, called the Sequence Bio Reactor (SBR) uses an advanced “hybrid” sequencing batch process using sophisticated biotechnology and molecular tools for microbial applications for used water treatment, wherein specific selected and effective bacteria species are propagated in conditions simulating natural settings inside the reactor. The SBR strictly provides a perfect quiescent setting condition ideal for effective solids separation and liquid clarification. A Plug Flow process, it guarantees complete treatment without short-circuiting. Each unit is designed to treat a specific type of contaminated water, with unique measurable characteristics.

The process is completely free of emitting toxic and flammable gases such as ammonia nitrate, and especially hydrogen sulfide. This allows the SBR to be safely constructed and operated underground, and foregoes the need for the detection sensors and removal equipment for such gases.

Sequence Bio Membrane Reactor (SBMR)

For when the water needs to be exceptionally clean...

The Sequence Bio Membrane Reactor (SBMR) synthesizes advanced methods of delivering a biological process of sewage treatment with ultrafiltration to provide exceptional quality effluent:

≤ 2 mg/L with turbidity of ≤ 5 NTU. It takes the best capabilities of the Sequence Bio Reactor: natural propagation of beneficial microorganisms, and using these to perform carbon oxidation and nitrogen reduction via bio-degradation of the organic matter in the sewage. It’s sequencing mode of operation allows high fluctuations of organic loading to undergo a thorough biochemical reaction — from oxidation to anaerobic degradation. The already high-quality effluent at this point is further subjected to a membrane filtration process where whatever traces of suspended solids are reduced to insignificant levels while turbidity is reduced to ≤ 5 NTU,

The SBMR is also enabled by our proprietary air diffusion system, and in this case is supported by high-efficiency turbo blowers that run without oil lubrication and use a permanent magnet synchronous motor capable of highly variable fluctuations of organic contaminants loading from 200 mg/L to 3,000 mg/L at any given time. These are undertaken with a possible up to 30% energy savings performance compared with conventional positive displacement-based air delivery systems.

The operation is managed by a proprietary program allowing complete automation with monitoring and alarms for equipment performance, and manual override for easy reset and restart.

Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR)

For when the wastewater is exceptionally dirty...

The Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) pairs biological treatment with a membrane filtration process ideal for wastewater at higher concentrations of suspended solids. The use of a membrane to reduce suspended solids content eliminates the requirement of larger biological reactors that depend on a settling process to deal with suspended solids.

While not proprietary to Ecosystem, the first MBR in the Philippines was designed, installed and is still being operated and maintained by Ecosystem. The design and installation was completed in 2009, an MBR equipped with best-in-class controls and instrumentation: 500 units of analytical instruments integrated with a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. It was then the most advanced waste water treatment facility in the Philippines.

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