October 08, 2018

This post was originally published at by Iris Gonzales on October 8, 2018.

MANILA, Philippines — Palawan’s Puerto Princesa City has partnered with the MVP Group’s Ecosystem Technologies International Inc. for a state-of-the-art project that would ensure the city’s environmental sustainability.

Palawan Mayor Lucio Bayron has signed a contract with Ecosystem Technologies president and CEO Robert So for a partnership to undertake so-called Septage, Sewerage and Sanitation Project with Learning Center.

The project is an unsolicited proposal of Ecosystem, which the city government awarded after due compliance with all legal requirements and undergoing a transparent procurement process.

Signed last month, the contract involves a project which would treat the septage requirements of Puerto Princesa City estimated at 70 cubic meters per day and the sewage volume of 2,000 cubic meters per day that drains into Puerto Princesa Bay.

Following the treatment, the city will be able to reuse water for non-potable public use such as the maintenance of the city’s park grounds by the baywalk, as wee as for other needs such as for firefighting.

Also part of the project is a learning center, which would be constructed in the treatment plant grounds, to educate the public on the value and methods of protecting water resources and the environment.

This makes the treatment plant not only a means to rescue and preserve natural tourist features of Puerto Princesa, but also become a valuable tourist destination itself.

The project will be located at the City Baywalk at Barangay Isidro, Puerto Princesa City. At present, the bay is polluted by the untreated sewage that goes into water.

However, with the Ecosystem’s technology, the wastewater will be treated for non-potable reuse.

The technology is based on the proprietary Sequence Bio Reactor of Ecosystem, a technology acknowledged by the Department of Science and Technology in the 2018 Technology Fair as a viable solution for water security and sanitation.

Now on its third generation, the technology has been deployed by Ecosystem in over 600 projects in the property development, as well as the industrial sectors all over the Philippines.

Ecosystem’s stated advocacy is a commitment to preserve the environment for future generations through its proprietary water recycling and reuse technologies, something that major corporations have benefited from in the Philippines.

Now through the partnership with Puerto Princesa, other cities and municipalities will see the opportunity to undertake responsible sanitation projects viably, economically, and sustainably.

With the project, Puerto Princesa will be able to strengthen environmental sustainability efforts.

In the tourist island of Boracay, the lack of sewage treatment plants has been identified as one of the major causes of the environment damage in the island.

Ecosystem is part of Metro Pacific Water, a subsidiary of Pangilinan-led Metro Pacific Investments Corp.



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