August 07, 2018

This post was originally published at by Louise Maureen Simeon on July 16, 2018.

MANILA, Philippines — Ecosystem Technologies International Inc. (ESTII), a unit of Metro Pacific Investments Corp. (MPIC), targets to tap major local government units (LGU) in the next two years for the recycling of used water to promote environmental protection.

After focusing on private companies over the last two decades, ESTII is now moving toward LGU partnerships through local water districts for technology development and solution design in wastewater and sewage treatment and water purification.

“We are in the city (malls and other establishments) but not the city itself. Every major city in the Philippines is someone we want to talk to,” ESTII communications and corporate affairs director Michael Rubio said in a recent briefing.

ESTII aims to enter major cities particularly Cebu, Zamboanga, Boracay, and Puerto Princesa among others, in the next two years.

“Our target first is the highly urbanized centers. Instead of transporting all that water into a centralized treatment plant, we can build a treatment plant in clusters throughout the urban environment,” Rubio said.

However, the company is also seeing the challenge of local water districts that may not be interested to invest in the technology as this would mean additional cost to be transferred to consumers.

“Sanitation is not a priority in some areas. Local water companies are focusing on revenue generating activities. If the local water district cannot charge what they need in order to recover the cost, they will not invest,” Rubio said.

“Right now, they are not being charged (for treating wastewater), they only pay the environmental fee. They can possibly pay double or a rate that will recover the cost of investment,” he said.

The country’s premier environmental technology solutions company by water projects portfolio, ESTII is a joint venture between Ecosystem Technologies Inc. and MPIC under Metro Pacific Water.

It has completed over 600 projects including design, build, rehabilitate, and upgrade of wastewater treatment plants for over 100 clients, including residential, industrial, and commercial sectors in the Philippines.

ESTII is a pioneer in the Philippines in the recycling and reuse if contaminated water, holding over 10 patents.

Among its clients are Maynilad Water Services Inc., the US Embassy, Ayala Land Inc., SM Prime Holdings Inc., Shang Properties Inc., Ortigas & Partners, Purefoods Hormel and Magnolia Foods Inc. and United Laboratories Inc.




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