Should You Flush ‘Flushable’ Items?

August 12, 2023

Ever purchased those “flushable” wipes that promise convenience and cleanliness? The first question to ask is: do they truly live up to their “flushable” label? Many consumers find that while these wipes do indeed go down the drain, they often don’t break down as easily as toilet paper, leading to potential plumbing issues.

The second question centers around environmental impact. Unlike traditional toilet paper, which disintegrates relatively quickly, flushable wipes often contain synthetic fibers that do not biodegrade easily. This leads to blockages in sewage systems and can contribute to the creation of “fatbergs,” large masses of non-biodegradable material that clog sewers.

So, how bad can it be? The reality is that using flushable wipes may offer short-term convenience, but at the cost of long-term environmental and infrastructure problems. Being aware of these implications can help consumers make more informed choices for both their households and the planet.



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