ESTII giving STP Seminar/Training to DOH (Region 10)

December 05, 2023


Last 23 of November, Ecosystem Technologies (ESTII)  was tapped by the DOH CHDNM Department of Health Center for Health Development – Northern Mindanao (Region 10) to conduct the STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) Seminar and Training. It was headed by Engr. Rogelio G. Monis, Jr. (ESTII Sales and Marketing Director). 

Outline of the topics.

  1. Biological Treatments basic concepts
  2. DAO 2021-19 (Biological Nutrient Removal)
  3. Latest Technologies in Wastewater treatment
  4. New Water 

Ecosystem Technologies (ESTII) is very grateful and thankful for giving a chance to share and educate the 22 participants (Engineers) from DOH Region 10. Being part of this kind of awareness is like working hand and hand in preserving water and saving our Mother Earth.



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