August 07, 2018

This post was originally published at by PROUDECOMOM on July 18, 2018.

Water is Life as we often heard. That is why it is very important that we have to conserve and preserve our water. The more water we need to consume every day, there is an equivalent waste that we also incurred each day.

With the ever growing consumption of water each day of business and big corporations, a world class environmental technology solution is definitely a must. Someone who is not just knowledgeable in this kind of field but with an excellent track record to provide a top excellence service with the environment in mind.

For past 25 years, Ecosystem Technologies provides world class environmental technology solutions. Founded by its President and CEO Robert Y. So who is also an advocate on environment envisioned something that will work on not just the problem at hand but a solution for a betterment of our society and environment as well.

With 600 completed projects and 900 awarded projects for over 100 clients, including businesses, residential, industrial and commercial sectors in the Philippines. Ecosystem is a pioneer in recycling and reuse of contaminated water and even a holder of over 10 patents.

Among their notable works is the development and ability to supply water with proprietary system that is uninterruptible by the high turbidity conditions. This Design & Build project of treatment system in Butuan City was finished in 2017, with this is also a promise of the company on making it available to all Local Water Districts in the Philippines to provide uninterrupted water services for their customers which provide a viable long-term solution to water pollution and again to advocate recycling used water (sewage and wastewater) and Reuse them for non-potable applications. This state of the art project is definitely what we need and I hope by this, water shortage will only be a thing of the past.

SM Prime Holdings is also one their growing clients. I have recently learned that SM Malls, office buildings and resorts uses Ecosystem’s propriety SBR to recycle their operation water and uses them for ground keeping and toilet flushing. So next time you shop at SM Aura, you will not be guilty using their toilet flushes.

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