August 07, 2018

This post was originally published at by Anna Gabriela A. Mogato on July 16, 2018.

ECOSYSTEM Technologies International, Inc., a local specialty contractor for water solutions, is eyeing to expand its portfolio from purely commercial partnerships to larger private-public partnerships(PPP) deals with local government units (LGU).

Michael C. Rubio, Ecosystem Technologies director for communications and corporate affairs, said in a press briefing on Friday that the company is targeting highly urbanized cities as its initial LGU partners.

“We’re in the city but we’re in the mall of the city, we’re in the estate of the city. We’re not in the city [per se]. We’re in Laguna, but we’re in Nuvali. It’s not Laguna, it’s not Santa Rosa,” he told reporters.

“We want to reach out to them in the next two years. We want to get ourselves in front of them in the next two years. Every major city in the Philippines is someone we want to talk to.”

One of the cities Mr. Rubio mentioned for a possible partnership is Puerto Princesa, having already submitted a proposal to the city officials.

The company also has a proposal to build sewage treatment system in the island of Boracay, which has been closed for six months for rehabilitation.

Mr. Rubio said the Boracay issue changed the attitudes of potential clients, who saw the establishment of wastewater treatment facilities as a more urgent matter.

“We want to be everywhere. We want to help Cebu, we want to help Zamboanga, we want to help Boracay, we want to help Puerto Princesa,” he added

Considered as a technology firm, Ecosystem Technologies deals with sewage water treatment, which is embedded to fit in the design of an establishment. The company also works on water treatment and water reclamation.

The company has so far completed 600 projects, and won 900 projects.

Among its private-sector clients are SM Prime Holdings, Inc., Ortigas & Co., Ayala Land, Inc., Okada Manila, Wyeth Philippines, Inc.

Its locally made technology does not produce flammable by-products during the treatment process, allowing the wastewater treatment system to be placed under the ground of the establishment.

Ecosystem Technologies is a joint venture between Ecosystem Technologies, Inc. and Metro Pacific Investments Corp. (MPIC). MPIC unit Metro Pacific Water owns 65% of the company.

MPIC is one of the three Philippine units of Hong Kong-based First Pacific Co., Ltd., along with PLDT, Inc. and Philex Mining Corp. Hastings Holdings, Inc. – a unit of PLDT Beneficial Trust Fund subsidiary MediaQuest Holdings, Inc. – maintains interest in BusinessWorld through the Philippines Star Group, which it controls.

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