January 25, 2019

PARANAQUE-On the third day of the International Water Association's (IWA conference in water sector efficiency titled Efficient 2019, Ecosystem Technology International Inc. (Ecosystem) Director for Communication & Corporate Affairs Michael C. Rubio presented the abstract "Uninterrupted Water Supply from Surface Water Sources by Eliminating Turbidity in Tropical Climate Conditions."

Rubio stressed how the proprietary technology of Ecosystem prevented the return of a water crisis in the Butuan City by ensuring that the water treatment facility operated by the Taguibo Aquaresources Services Corp. and the Butuan City Water District suffers no downtime due to turbidity. High turbidity caused long-term downtime for the treatment plant back in 2014. In his opening remarks for the conference, Maynilad Water Services Inc. (Maynilad) President Ramon S. Fernandez stated that Maynilad had dealt with record levels of turbidity in 2018.

The City of Manila experienced water shortages during back in August of 2018, prompting the question of a water crisis. Butuan City incurred no loss of production since the commissioning of Ecosystem's technology in March 2017. Rubio stated that this technology is the solution for turbidity-induced loss of production in bulk water treatment plants in the Philippines and other tropical countries.

The IWA regularly sends calls for abstracts in water sector science, engineering, technology, and management that are then presented as posters in their exhibit hall during their conferences. Authors may participate in public presentations to delegates. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources is the institutional sponsor of Efficient 2019.



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