August 14, 2018

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Solution to Water Problems

The Philippines may be surrounded with water but there’s an enormous problem on enough, clean and safe water, especially for human consumption. noted that “out of 101 million Filipinos, nine million rely on unimproved, unsafe and unsustainable water sources and 19 million lack access to improved sanitation.”

“Families without safe water source in or near their home often spend significant time and energy collecting water. Those without a sanitary toilet facility at home face a number of unattractive choices, including venturing out at night or suffering the embarrassment of asking to use the toilet of a neighbor.

Thus, Filipinos consider water and sanitation access a matter of safety, pride, progress and convenience, in addition to the health considerations. While about 75 percent of surveyed Filipinos expressed an interest in a water and sanitation loan, previously few banks or microfinance institutions offered loans specifically tailored to this purpose.”

However, this problem must not left unresolved.

The Possible Solution

The national government can provide and implement solutions to the problem of enough, clean and safe water supply and tapping a private company that’s expert and capable in providing uninterrupted water services to the public may be a best option.

Ecosystem Technologies International, Inc., understands the need to address the high turbidity of water in the country. The company developed a proprietary system that is uninterruptible by the high turbidity conditions. For the past 20 years, Ecosystem provided world class environmental technology solutions and has completed over 600 projects including design, build, rehabilitate, and upgrade wastewater treatment plants for over 100 clients, including the elite businesses of the residential, industrial, and commercial sectors in the Philippines.

Founded by its President and CEO Robert Y. So, Ecosystem is a pioneer in the Philippines of recycling and reuse of contaminated water, holding over 10 patents. The company developed these through constant research, survey, and innovation from technologies all over the world.

3 Rs

Ecosystem can provide a viable long-term solution to water pollution: Reduce, Recycling and Reuse.

  • Reduce potable water consumption (and thereby slowdown depletion of water resources)
  • Recycling of used water (sewage and wastewater)
  • Reuse them for non-potable applications

Notable Technology Milestones:

  • First underground treatment plant construction in the Philippines (Cebu Citylights Garden Condominium) in 1997.
  • First water recycling and reuse application (De La Salle University, 2004)
  • First Membrane Bio Reactor Plant construction and operation in the Philippines (Wyeth Nutrition. Nestle; 2009)
  • First open-to-the-public cutting-edge Water Recovery Facility in the Philippines (Paco Public Market; 2015)
  • First Sequence Bio Membrane Reactor Plant. First Integrated Water Recovery Facility and Desalination Plant in the Philippines (Okada Manila, 2016)
  • First Ecosystem Membrane Filtration-enabled Bulk Water Treatment Plant in the Philippines (turbidity proof uninterrupted potable water supply; Butuan City Bulk Water Treatment Plant, 2017) Among the Ecosystem’s clients are United States of America embassy, Ayala Land, Inc., SM Prime Holdings, Inc., Purefoods Hormel and Magnolia Foods, Inc., and United Laboratories, Inc.


Technology development and solution design in the domains of: Wastewater Treatment, Sewage Treatment, and Water Purification.

Capabilities: Design & Build, Operate & Maintain, Build, Operate, & Transfer, EPC (Engineering, Procurement, & Construction) of: Sewage Treatment Plants (STP), Water Reclmation Facilities (WRF), Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP), and Bulk Water Treatment Plants.

Faced with environmental challenges concerning water, a Filipino organization emrges with advanced and market-proven technology.



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