Safety Officer

Job Description

  • Extensive knowledge to identify potential cause to harm and probability of the hazards and risks of the workplace.
  • Able to evaluate and quantify the potential risks level.
  • Conduct risk assessment and enforce preventive measures.
  • Know how to investigate facts and assist in analysing circumstances and situations and well verse to evaluate the RCA.
  • Able to monitor and assess hazardous, unsafe situations and develop measures to assure personnel safety.
  • Participate in planning meetings to identify any health and safety concerns inherent in the operations daily work-plan.
  • Regularly perform an inspection in the workplace to ensure it is a hazard free environment.
  • Conduct toolbox meetings/safety talks and any related OSH training where applicable in the industry (i.e., Mandatory 8-hours training, Safety Awareness, etc.).
  • Able to train and carry out drills and exercises on how to manage emergency situations.
  • Conduct investigation of all accidents and near-misses.
  • Support the development of OHS guidelines, policies, and programs.
  • Have knowledge in regulatory reportorial requirements through preparations and management of documentations.
  • Ensure to safely keep all accident/incident records.
  • Ability to communicate and disseminate the latest safety trends best practices.
  • Perform other tasks/activities may be assigned by your immediate superior when needed.

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