Process Engineer

  • Graduate of Chemical Engineering
  • Preferably Licensed Engineer
  • With good scholastic record
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Application (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  • With average communication skills
  • With interpersonal skills, analytical and decision making

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Conduct orientation, manage and monitor STP Operator/s activities
  2. Responsible in the preparation of monthly monitoring reports for submission to client
  3. Responsible in supervising assigned projects (Commissioning, O&M) and personnel assigned
  4. Responsible in the preparation of Self-monitoring Reports for DENR/LLDA requirements
  5. Responsible in ensuring that STP Operator/s conform to company standards
  6. Assist client in process monitoring of treated effluent water quality and conduct the conduct of regular monthly sampling.
  7. Conducts start up and commissioning of newly constructed plants before turnover to the Client.
  8. Report and recommend to client all STP equipment and parts that needs immediate repair, replacement or rehabilitation.
  9. Assist client in securing and renewal of Annual Discharge Permit.
  10. Prepares documents, operation and maintenance presentations to the Client.
  11. Conduct review of related documents and to ensure compliance with the required documents for DENR/LLDA.

Place of Deployment

  1. Mandaluyong main office
  2. Cebu Satellite Office- Central Bloc Asia Town, IT Park, Padrigas St. Apas, Cebu City

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