Jr. Associate Lawyer

Job Description

  • Provides legal support and assistance to the Corporate Legal Counsel. Leads the team in the absence of Corporate Legal Counsel
  • Initiates and prepares the drafting of contracts, legal correspondences, pleadings and legal tools. Brainstorms with Corporate Legal regarding viability of a proposed legal solution.
  • Provides the initial legal review of contracts, legal correspondences and legal tools.
  • Assists the Corporate Legal Counsel in giving day to day legal advice to internal stakeholders regarding various compliance and simple legal issues.
  • Performs initial review of pleadings in relation to regulatory cases.
  • Monitors the progress of and coordinates closely with RD team on the development of improvement of IPR; Coordinates closely with IPR consultant on the status of the registration.
  • Together with Corporate Legal Counsel, coordinates closely with MPW regarding updates in compliances to ensure company’s alignment with MPW/MPIC.
  • Renders housekeeping services – in charge of the preparation of board resolutions, their covering board/AGM minutes, and audit responses/replies.
  • Assists the Corporate Legal Counsel in drafting or reviewing corporate policies.
  • Assists the Corporate Legal Counsel in brainstorming legal safeguards in consonance with the legal strategies; Primarily undertakes the legal research and initially translates/applies his/her proper interpretation of law and jurisprudence, arguments and case analysis to a case/concern/issue.
  • Attends meeting with clients, including board/AGM meetings, as well as conferences with representatives of Government agencies; If necessary, appears with and assists the Corporate Legal Counsel in hearings involving the company.
  • Assists legal assistant in the monitoring and coordination with responsible department regarding the filing of applications for the renewal of pertinent company permits to ensure they are timely filed;

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