January 13, 2020

To our clients and partners in responsible water environment management:

Sulfur in the ash fall from the eruption of Taal Volcano is both highly abrasive and highly corrosive. These are threats to the STPs designed and installed for you by Ecosystem.

We advise that you prevent ash from entering the STP room, and cleaning the area as soon as possible, taking care to prevent ash from reaching the blowers and pumps, as well as the tanks and basins of the plant.

We urgently encourage your technical team or official representatives to reach out to any member of our technical response team comprised of experienced engineers John Paul Roquid, Dong Miranda, and Anna Banzuela for detailed guidance on the safe operation and other precautions concerning your STPs.

JP Roquid +639568713605
Dong Miranda +639173265806
Anna Banzuela +639178297759



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